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President Rauf Denktas said that  the UN Secretary General’s report has not gone further than thanking the Turkish Cypriot side for its YES vote in the referendum.

The President said the report appears to have fallen short of satisfying the expectations of the Turkish Cypriot side, and complained that the Greek Cypriots joined the European Union as the legitimate government of Cyprus in spite of their rejection of the Annan Plan.

`It has become clear that Cyprus is being seen as a country owned by Greek Cypriots under the false title of the Cyprus Government, and  the Turkish Cypriot people as a community living in this country calling for an end to its unjustified punishment` he said.

The president points to the Secretary General’s comments that the Greek Cypriots had not rejected only the Annan Plan but also the chances of reconciling with the Turkish Cypriots, and says the Greek Cypriots have  been doing this for the last forty years, because of the unjust and one-sided UN resolutions.

President Denktas accused the UN Secretary General of on the one hand, welcoming Greece’s policy of not interfering in Greek Cypriots’ internal affairs, while, on the other hand, thanking  Turkey for encouraging Turkish Cypriots to approve the Annan Plan.

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June 10, 114

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